Matthew Jordan

Matt Jordan is Associate Professor of Media Studies at the Pennsylvania State University.  At PSU, he is co-director of the Social Thought Program, and is a North American representative to the Board for the Association for Cultural Studies. He writes and teaches on how popular culture and media technology are used to generate ideology and regimes of management in everyday life.  Having recently written on such topics as Le Jazz: Jazz and French Cultural Identity (2010), “Obama’s Ipod: Popular Music and the Perils of Post-Political Populism,” Popular Communication (2013 ) and “Canned Music and Captive Audiences: The Battle over Public Soundspace at Grand Central Terminal and the Emergence of the New Sound.” The Communication Review  (2014), he is now finishing a monograph entitled Signaling through the Soundscape: The Crescendo and Decrescendo of the Klaxon Automobile Horn.