Stan Renard

Dr. Stan Renard is the Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Music Marketing Program in the Music Department at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). Dr. Renard joined UTSA as part of the University's Goldstar Initiative, which supports its recruitment and retention of world-class faculty members. He has the unique background of someone who has taught business courses in business schools and music courses in music departments—expertise which has allowed him to develop music business courses. Dr. Renard is an Assistant Director of the start-up incubator CITE (Center for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship). He is also a touring and recording artist, virtuoso violinist, violist, active conductor, and the founder and arranger of the Grammy-Nominated Bohemian Quartet. Dr. Renard holds a Doctorate in Musical Arts (DMA) from the University of Connecticut as well as a Doctorate in International Business (DBA) from Southern New Hampshire University. Previously held collegiate appointments include Colby College, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, University of Connecticut, Providence College, Eastern Connecticut State University, Southern New Hampshire University, and University of California at San Diego.

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