Travis L. Gosa

Travis L. Gosa is Assistant Professor of Africana Studies at Cornell University and faculty associate at Cornell’s Center for the Study of Inequality. He serves on the advisory board of Cornell's Hip Hop Collection, the largest archive on early hip hop culture in the United States. Gosa is an expert on race, new politics, hip hop culture, and education. He is also the co-editor of The Hip Hop & Obama Reader (Oxford University Press, 2015), the first hip hop anthology to center on contemporary politics, activism, and social change. He can speak about the role of youth voters and race in national politics and the 2016 presidential election. Currently, he is finishing his manuscript School of Hard Knocks: Hip Hop and the Fight for Equal Education (University of Illinois Press), a book that explores how schools fail black students and why hip hop can help fix education in America. He has previously appeared on NPR’s Tell Me More and All Things Considered. Twitter: @basedprof